Ludmila Beck's Film- and Video Production, 3D Modeling- and Animation, Photography

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Current Prices for Services

per day
CHF 400.00
Pre-Production (Briefing, Concept, Storyboard, script, etc.)
per day
CHF 1'000.00
Camera Operator
per day
CHF 1'200.00
Equipment (Camera, Sound, Tripod, light)
per day
CHF 800.00
additional Equipment to rent

according to consultation
Editing (Video)
per day
CHF 1'150.00
Sound (Voice over, Music, Mixing, etc.)
per day
CHF 750.00
3D Animation
per day
CHF 900.00
Graphicsper dayCHF 600.00
Music incl. legalities (incl. Copyrights, etc.)
according to consultation
additional crew

according to consultation

8 %
Trade Expenses

5 %

Bei Nachtarbeit (22:00h - 06:00h) wird ein Zuschlag von 25 % verrechnet.

50% des Kostenvoranschlages wird im Voraus bezahlt. Den Rest wird beim Sichten des geschnittenen Materials bezahlt.

Zusätzliche Spesen werden ebenfalls verrechnet wie Material (Videokassetten, DVDs CDs, etc.), zusätzliche Ausrüstung mieten (Kamera, Schnitt-, Licht-, Tonausrüstung, etc.), Reisen, Hotel, Essen und andere Ausgaben.

For night work (10pm to 6am) there will be an extra surcharge of 25 %.

50 % of the expected sum is paid in advance. The rest will be paid at the meeting to view the edited Material.

Additional expenses are being charged as material (Tapes, DVDs, CDs, etc.), additional renting of Equipment (Camera, Editing-, Light-, Sound Equipments, etc.), travelling, hotel, food and other expenses.